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Dr. Sheila's new book The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind  is now available on kindle and in paperback on amazon. Check it out now!

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The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind - Eliminate the Eight Emotional Obstacles to Permanent Weight Loss. Available on amazon.

Do You Use Food to Cope? A Comprehensive 15-Week Program for Overcoming Emotional Overeating. Available on amazon.


Self-Fullness: The Art of Loving and Caring for You 'Self'. Available on amazon.


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                 Psychotherapy for Weight Loss

~overcome the emotional obstacles to permanent weight loss ~



  •  Are you a yo-yo dieter?
  • Do you start the day with the best of intentions only to slip off your diet before noon?
  • Are you worried you'll never lose weight?
  • Are you feeling discouraged about any future weight loss efforts you might undertake?
  • Are you ready to eliminate the emotional obstacles that may be sabotaging your weight loss goals? 

If you answered yes to these questions then you are in the right place! Hello and welcome to my website. I am Dr. Sheila Forman, a clinical psychologist in Santa Monica California specializing in eating, weight and body image issues. If you have struggled with your weight for more years than you care to remember, I'd like to help end your misery. I offer a straight-forward approach to getting on the road to permanent weight loss. You can use my approach with any healthy diet or eating plan you choose or you can choose to not diet at all. My philosophy is very simple: there are two kinds of hunger - physical and emotional. I will help you to learn how to distinguish between them, how to identify the eight emotional reasons why you overeat and give you tools for addressing each of them. Once you eliminate these eight emotional obstacles to healthy eating you can get on your way to the weight you were meant to be.