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The Eight Emotional Obstacles to Weight Loss

To figure out if the Eight Emotional Obstacles are getting in the way of your permanent weight loss goal ask yourself these revealing questions:

ANGER:  Are you feeling mad about something or at someone? Is it hard for you to express those feelings? Do you ever find yourself eating those feelings down?

BOREDOM AND EMPTINESS: Do you have times in your day, week, life when you feel there is nothing to do, no one to be with or no where to go? Do you fill time with food or food-related activities such as shopping, cooking, watching the Food Network, or  reading cookbooks?

DEPRIVATION: Are there any areas in your life where you feel as if you do not have what you really want? If you want something do you feel as if you have to have it now? If someone tells you you can't eat something does that make you want it even more?

FEAR AND ANXIETY: Does the world frighten you? Are there things you'd like to do but are afraid to try? Does eating ever calm you down or give you courage?

HOPELESSNESS: Have you given up on yourself, your life, your weight loss efforts? Do you feel as if there is no reason to try again because you always fail? Do you feel as if you might as well eat because nothing else works?

LONELINESS: Are you feeling like you don't have enough friends, the right relationship or a close confidant? Are you in the wrong relationship, the wrong friendship, the wrong marriage? Do you feel that food is your only friend?

SADNESS: Is your  heart broken? Did you suffer a loss of some kind? Does eating something sweet lift your spirits?

STRESS AND TENSION: Are you feeling uptight, burned-out or worried? Does a tub of ice cream soothe your nerves at the end of a long day?


So what did you figure out? If you answered "yes" to any of  these questions you may be eating for emotional reasons. Address these obstacles, learn to manage them in healthy constructive ways and watch yourself achieve your weight loss goals.